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WeEndure! is a youth cycling program for students wanting to improve their road riding abilities. Weekly, students participate in a 2+ hour session where they learn bike maintenance, rules of the road, and how to ride as a team. WeEndure! is a healthy endurance training program that promotes self confidence and responsibility. We teach our students healthy exercise habits and how to push beyond their beliefs to accomplish their goals.

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Positive Impact

Last spring, amidst the pandemic, we were looking for an outdoor activity for my 11 yr old daughter when a friend of mine recommended the Break the Norm Outdoors cycling club managed by coach Rachel.


We were new to the cycling world and Rachel helped us choose a bike, helmet and all the accessories even before the class started. 


Coach Ben and Alex have helped my daughter pick up cycling quickly. They not only taught her how to cycle, the road rules and hand signals, but also how to maintain her bike. We are so glad we found this cycle club and we have wholeheartedly recommended it to everyone we know. 


Amazing Experience

WeEndure Youth Cycle program has made a huge difference on our son.  From sportsmanship to teamwork and the highs and lows of a long ride has been a  great learning experience and no textbook can teach that. There is a circle of trust and safety among these cyclist which is admirable.The coaches are knowledgeable, patient and empower young athletes to grow into leaders.  I strongly recommend this program to any young aspiring cyclists.

Pradheepa Krishnasamy

Mom of a 7th Grader


Proud of her Achievement

I started looking for new outdoor physical activities for my daughter many months into the pandemic. I found BtNO cycling online, and my daughter decided to give it a try.  While she knew how to ride a bike, she was a novice at nearly everything else bike-related.  BtNO taught her how to be prepared for cycling, how to change a tire, as well as bike safety while riding on the road. She has a more positive self image and her endurance has improved immensely over the last five months. She recently rode over 40 miles with the team and was so proud of her achievement! The coaches are very positive, caring, and really look out for the young riders.  I highly recommend this team for anyone looking to get their kids into cycling.

Emily Breed

Mom of a 6th Grader

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